Embroidered embellishments – Lithuania, second half of the17th c.
Vilnius Cathedral.

Embroidery with metal and silk threads
An acupictor would cover the relief part of the ornament with several layers of thick threads, thus forming the necessary height. Afterwards, he would even out, round, compress or stretch out the surface according to the pattern. Metal threads were laid on the surface covered with canvas or directly on the underlayer of threads. The faces, hands and feet of the saints are painted in oil on primed canvas.
Images of saints and floral ornaments
Our Lady of the Rosary is depicted in an emblem with St. Dominic and St. Hyacinth of Poland. Image of the founder of the Order of Preachers is common in this iconographic type. The depiction of St. Hyacinth, the first Dominican friar of Polish origin and a missionary in Northern and Eastern Europe, is quite surprising – it reflects the popularity of this saint in Lithuania.