France (?), middle of the 18th c. – 3rd quarter of the 18th c.
Church of Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles in Vilnius.

Embroidery with metal and silk threads
In the third quarter of the 18th century, a characteristic ornamental motif of Rococo silk fabrics is diagonally meandering “rivers” with little flower bouquets growing from them. This motif is also used in embroidered vestments. The ornament of “rivers of lace” plaited with flowers separates the figures embroidered with straight stitches.
Images of Christ and scenes from the Gospel, images of saints, symbols of faith, floral ornaments
The chasuble is devoted to the themes of the Fall of Man and Redemption that mark the history of humanity. These themes are revealed through the scene of Expulsion from Paradise on the front and Revelation to the Blessed Virgin Mary on the back.