Late 19th – early 20th c.
Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lentvaris.

Embroidery with metal threads, other embroidery techniques

The chasuble from a set of liturgical vestments of the Vokė manor chapel of the Tyszkiewicz family reflects the new style of decoration of liturgical vestments created in the 19th century: the back orphrey acquired the form of a cross with medallions placed at the intersections. The chasuble is adorned with popular ornaments made from metal threads and shaped metal decorations.

Images of Christ and scenes from the Gospel, symbols of faith, floral ornaments

In the centre of the intersections of the cross, the theme of the Lamb of God, newly revived in the 19th century, is represented. It is one of the earliest symbols of Christ originating from the vision described in the Revelation to John: the Lamb that was sacrificed for humanity and redeemed it with its blood is worshipped as the only one worthy to open the book with seven seals and perform judgement on the Last Judgement Day.